Saturday, May 24, 2008

'HORROR GRIPPER' Free Gift in Whoopee Comic ad

Anyone know if the Horror Gripper that came free with an issue of Whoopee (March 29th 1976) is the same one that Smiths Horror Bags promoted in the above pictures? The picture in the comic ad sure looks like the 'Claws' Horror Gripper featured on the Claws packet. I am hoping to get a photo of one of the Horror Grippers soon from someone who had sent for it from Horror Bags, as soon as I do I'll get it posted here. The whoopee ad was featured in 'Monster Fun' no.43.


Anonymous said...

Yes! It was the same one. I got mine from sending off to Smiths. It was Green Plastic about3 inches diameter.

Paul said...

Thanks for that Darren, do you still have your Horror grippers?

Anonymous said...

Sadly not ;(