Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Just like the pictures from the Horror colouring book that I featured on May 14th 2008, there are no pictures that are the same that are featured on the cover. The Monsters colouring book features a Lovecraftian type monster whereas the contents although does feature some weird and strange creatures they are nothing like compared to the monsters on the cover. There are however some nice pictures of strange looking monsters, grisly scenes and a few that represent a monster or scene from a film such as the Mummy one above. How often do you get a child's colouring book that has such pictures in?


Ursa said...

You rock Paul! Thanks for all your replies so far and for putting these up.

These images were so freaky and disturbing and still influence my art today. Like you said, who thought to put these in a kids colouring book?

I'm curious, you own these? Have you had them since you were a kid? I've looked for them on eBay with no luck. If you know where to find them, I'd pay to get my hands on them.

There was also an alien book as well, can't remember what it was called though... maybe just 'Aliens'?

Thanks again.

Karswell said...

Man this is awesome stuff... looks like Bob Powell artwork too!

Paul said...

Thanks for your kind comments Ursa and Karswell.
I may put some more images from the 2 colouring books up sometime.

What kind of art do you do Ursa? Would you share some here at The Cobwebbed Room?

I have had the colouring books since the 1980's and bought them from The Book Cellar which is now The Works bookshop, shame I didn't buy a few of them. I'll keep a look out for you.

It would be intersting to see the Aliens one, I didn't know about this one.

Karswell, what kind of work did Bob Powell do, did he draw for comics?

Karswell said...

>what kind of work did Bob Powell do, did he draw for comics?

Yes, HUGE body of excellent comic book work... I have many Bob Powell pre-code horror stories posted on The Horrors of it All, in fact I posted one just today! He worked on alot of superhero stuff too. Here's a link to his GCD listings:

Paul said...

Thanks for the link, I'll have a look and the post on your blog.

Ursa said...

I would love to share it. I'm an amateur freelancer. Here are some highlights:

Thanks for looking, I hope you like them. If you ever have any ideas for a picture you'd like me to do, I'd gladly trade for some more scans from those colouring books! ;)

Paul said...

Hi Ursa
Had a look at your website and your fantastic and brilliant macabre pictures. Its is really great to see something original, I really like the Garden of Delights one [I can see the inspiration from the colouring book illustrations, in fact I like them all. Hope to see more sometime.

Thanks for the offer of trade for a picture, I shall try and think of something sometime. In the meantime if you send me an email, I'll gladly send you some scans from the colouring book, is there any that you remember that you would like to see again?
All the best

Ursa said...

You are too kind!

Paul said...

Thats fine. Its just great to share something with someone, especially those that appriciate it and have fond memories that they would like to have again of a particular item etc.

Anonymous said...

the alien one was called "war in space" (if its the same one your recalling).I have a copy but ive coloured in most of the pictures

Paul said...

Not sure if it is the same one, would there be any chance that you could send some scans please that I could put on the blog please?

James F said...

Hi Paul

Thanks for posting these scans.
This is why I love the internet!
I had this book as a child and it left such an impression on me - I have been looking for this online for absolute ages! I knew I would find it eventually :)

I'm new to your blog, so please forgive me if I come accross as an upstart, but please could you post more scans of this book?

Happy to trade from my collection of horror images!


Brian Artillery said...

The Mummy image is of Tom Tyler in 'The Mummy's Hand'.