Saturday, April 19, 2008


I was having a look through some discs I have of pictures I have saved over the years from the internet and came across 3 pictures that I totally forgot I had. The first picture we have here is a photo of the Alphabetti Spagetti 'Spooky Old House' game and the original envelope that it came with. I've been wondering what this game looked like and all a long I had a picture already. Looks like it was probally an ebay item.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff paul

Anonymous said...

Great game,looks fun!!

Paul said...

Thank you

Jember said...

I had this - you sent off tokens from alphabetti spaghetti and it arrived a week later. Must have been about 1975,

The passage going down on the right led to the end if I remember right. Do you have a higher def version?


Paul said...

Hi Jember, nice to hear you had this too. I never had or knew about this untill a year or 2 ago. Thats not bad going for it to only take a week to arrive.

I would like to do a scan of the game, need to get myself a scanner again though first.