Tuesday, April 22, 2008

'NASTIES' Collecter's Sticker Album

Most sticker albums are usually published by Panini or Merlin, but the one featured here was published by a company called 'FKS Publishers Ltd' of London. At a guess judging by the cover price this sticker album most likely came out during the 1970's. Anybody heard of it before or know when it did come out?

The 'Nasties' stickers are colour cartoons of an assorted range of monster/creature characters such as The Murks, Beastlies, Grizzlies, Creepies, Hairies, etc. these Nasties are featured on there own page/s and show the Nasties in funny situations and with the one line joke underneath the sticker [see The Murks page above]. The stickers are basically a comic picture joke like what you used to get in comics such as Monster Fun, Shiver and shake, etc.

The Pictures above feature example page of stickers, the front cover, inside front cover, inside back cover, and back cover.


Anonymous said...

Tried searching the ISBN number, but nothing found. as a comparision though, an FKS Football sticker book from 77-78, was sold for 20p. So I put this one in the middle 70's (74-76)


Anonymous said...

Scratch that.. I think these came out between decimalisation and 1974

Karswell said...

Wow, these are great fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello. First of all, congratulations for this great Blog. I discovered yesr¡terday and is amazing!!!
Sorry for my poor english, I am from Spain. I'm a Monster collector too, and I can give you info about this album.
This album was printed in Spain in 1979 by the editorial "Fher". In Spain is almost impossible to find nowadays, is very very rare. I am looking for it, but is impossible. Here was called "Horribles Familias" and is one of the Monster albums that I haven't. I have a lot of stuff of this style. I love sticker and card albums, here in Spain called "Albumes de cromos".
I'm member of Universal Monster Army too :) There my nick is Morkai.

Paul said...

Thank you for your kind comments and thank you for the information regarding the 'Nasties'sticker album. I had no idea that it was printed in 1979, do you think that the Nasties album is a British reprint of the Spanish 'Horribles Familias'? What other monster memorabilia do you collect?

I was also a member of the Universal Monster army but I haven't rejoined since they changed to there new webpage, must join again sometime. Great butch of people on there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sure. "Nasties" is the british edition of "Horribles Familias". Those Monsters were made in Spain. Like others:: Hippy Monsters, El Monstruo de Chocostein, Hippy 2000, Bruguera Monster Stickers, Monstruos, Monstruos y leyendas, Carnaval de Monstruos, Monstruos Diabolicos, Supermonstruos... etc. There were a lot of horror and Monster stuff in Spain specially in the years 80, 90. Nowadays sucks, No Monsters, only Manga and Anime.
I am collector of Figures, Games, cards, comics, stickers, posters and all about Monsters. You can check some of my stuff here:


In the Menu of the left I have more folders (around 11 more, with comic cver scans, VHS scans, Figures etc.)

My MSN: countblack666@hotmail.com
My name's Rubén :)

Paul said...

Hi Ruben
Thank you for the information about the Nasties album and also about the other sticker albums that came out in Spain.

Thank you also the link to your photobucket page, I have had a look and I am very impressed, some really cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I have just been home as my parents were clearing their loft and this sticker ablum is what I wanted to find.
I remember it so well and was so happy to find it in all the junk.
My copy has about a third of the stickers in it and is in pretty good condition.
1979 sounds about right as I would have been about 5 at that time

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am a long time collector of FKS sticker sets. I am advised that this series was issued late 1982 or possibly early 1983 and was the final series released by FKS. I say released but only released in very low numbers as generally classified as and UN-ISSUED series due to the very short run it had.
There are 180 stickers in the series, I will be offering a near set of loose unused stickers on ebay as well as an empty wrapper from this Sunday 9th August if anyone wants to check it out. Just click on the link below (to see it from Sunday evening):