Sunday, March 30, 2008


I remember buying the Papermate 'Haunted House' pen sometime during the 1980's, but somehow the actual pen was either lost or mis-placed somehow and I can't for the life of me remember what the pen looked like, not even sure if it had a graphics on it as such. I love the images on the box its just a shame that it got crushed over the years, empty boxes are not the easiest of items to keep. I have never seen one since, mind you if it is just a plain pen it wouldn't be really worth it. Anyone else remember these or still have one?


Anonymous said...

Paul I never know how to contact you, or the right place to do it, but i found this Melting Monsters Ice looly wrapper on Ebay,i thought you might like to take a look it was sold in the UK in the 80's and was made by lyons Maid.

Paul said...

Thanks for the link, its a great looking wrapper, I'll have to try and find out some more about it and add it to the Cobwebbed Room. I wonder if there were any other Melting Monster designs.

My email is:

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, what a memory - I got bought one of these for Xmas in maybe 1983/84? I was 8/9. The pen was weird, kinda had a head on a spring from what I remember but ws very compact, squat even. Was it yellow? I think it may have been.

Paul said...

Thank you so much for the information, you are the only person, it seems, besides myself that remembers these pens, the description you gave certainly sounds very familiar now. I may have to have a look around to see if I do still have the pen.