Sunday, March 30, 2008


I mentioned this briefly before to see if 'Action Spookys' would jog anyone else's memory, my mate Sean who does remember them and did the drawing above wrote a little about what he remembers about them:

Back in 1970/71, when I was 7 or 8 you could buy plastic Skulls called 'Action spooky' with chewing gum at the sweet counter of your local newsagents. they came in both red and black in a spookily illustrated cardboard box. The thing I remember most about them is that when you pressed a button, the eyes popped in and out of their sockets and the mouth opended and its tongue shot out. I have done a crude drawing from memory, but bare in mind I have not seen one for 37 years. Its strange but I have mentioned 'Action Spookys' to others the same age as myself but nobody can remember them.

Thanks to Sean


Karswell said...

I saw something recently on the candy shelves here in the US that maybe was inspired by the Action Spooky, but it was animals and not skulls. I looked at it pretty good at the store but didn't buy one, but what I gathered from it was you push down a lever or something on the back of it's head and it's tongue would slide out. The tongue was some kind of hard fruity candy and you'd suck on while it was still hanging half out of the animal's mouth, giving the impression of french kissing the thing! I didn't notice if it's head was full of gum or not but will check these out further next time I'm at Walgreens.

Paul said...

I think that there were some rubber type toys that you squeezed and had a similiar effect to Action spookys. The animal ones you mentioned sound very funny, you can just imagine what people look like sucking on those tongues.

Sean said...

Hi Paul, well as you know I`m on the web at long last. Just been surfing all the pages of your blog, great nostalgia. But its strange that nobody out there remembers "Action Spooky",I`m starting to think I imagined it after all.

Paul said...

Hi Sean
Yes it's great that you are now on the net. Hope you are getting lots out of it.
Thanks for your comment, glad that the Cobwebbed Room is a great source of Nostalgia for you.

I am probally sure you did remember the elusive Action Spookys, I do seem to recall something similar, not sure from where, but I don't think it was as long ago as when you remember Action Spookys coming out. Unless like you've said before maybe its the name that is wrong. We shall keep searching, I'm sure something will turn up.

Mark Shawcross said...

Hi, my fiancee just surprised me by buying me an "Action Spooky Bubble Gum" Skull off open its jaw which pops out its eyes and tongue. I had one back in about little thing, about 2.5 cm tall.

Paul said...

Hi Mark
That is fantastic news, so pleased you have come acoss one of these thanks to your fiancee. Is there any chance you could take a photo of it to show on the blog please?