Monday, February 19, 2018

'Monster Rings'

Thanks to BrianF for sending me this photo of one of his monster rings he found in his attic.
BrianF's Brother also found his original Monster rings

These plastic monster rings were around for quite some time certainly during the 1970s, possibly during the 1960s too. The box of rings you see here are from the 70s judging by the price. Made by Leaf here in the UK and another company in America. I've seen various different designs of the box art on the Internet and a number of colours of the rings including silver. There were 6 different designs of the rings, from what I can make out these were as follows: Skull, A tiger beast thing?, A Bat, An Alien type creature?, A Monster of some sort, and bizarrely a Ladies hand with painted finger nails.
I remember buying some of the rings during the 70s or maybe even into the 80s. I still have 3 of the Skull rings which you can see being worn beautifully by the rubber severed hand. I did used to have a Bat as well [Green I think it was], don't know what happened to that, must of flew off. I am also wondering if you could get the rings in those slot machines like with the bubble gum machines.
They maybe cheap but I like the charm of them, quite nice designs as well.  


BrianF said...

I have the green one somewhere in my attic.I came across it cleaning up there last year.It was probably bought for me in the mid 70's when I was a kid.

BrianF said...

I have located my monster ring and took a picture of it (barely) fitting on my little finger.If there is a way to E Mail this photo to you, I would be glad to contribute to the website.

Paul said...

Hi BrianF

Nice to hear you have located your monster ring, would love to see a photo of it.


Thank you

Chris said...

This is why I love this blog. There will be something I have completely forgotten....until I see it on here. I had the green ring too, no idea where it came from but I never would have even remembered having it without seeing it here so thanks!

Paul said...

Hi Chris

So pleased you love the blog. Its nice that I can stir fond memories that you may have forgotten about.

Anonymous said...

These rings were available in Germany in the mid-1970s, too. They were sold in groups of about three in little white plastic bags with violet type, I think. You didn't know which three rings would be in your bag, so you bought several and swapped your duplicates with other kids to complete the set. The colors were as shown in the large photo with only slight variations in the intensity of the color of the base material and the color wash for the shading.