Wednesday, February 28, 2018

'HALLOWEEN GANG BADGES' - Esco - Grimley Hall Creations

I have had the Frankenstein badge from this line for many years and I had always wondered what other characters there were too. Well a year or 2 ago I came across this shop display with most of the badges on it at a carboot sale, the seller was asking 10 pence for each badge so I asked them what he wanted for all of them as well as the display piece, got them all for £1.
So it seems that apart from the Frankenstein Monster there were only 2 others: Dracula and a Demon/Devil. Seems like there were 8 of each character. The badges glow in the dark and were made by 'Esco' under the banner of 'Grimley Hall Creations'. A number of other novelty Halloween items were made in the Grimley Hall Creations line.  

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Anonymous said...

Hello there are some different ones a Ghost and a Witch as well