Saturday, January 07, 2012


Even though the Halloween game poster came free with Eagle #238 (11th October 1986), it will be of interest to those familiar with IPC's 'Scream' comic from 1984. After Scream's last issue #15, the comic then merged with 'Eagle' for a number of issues.'Scream' readers will probally recognise artwork from the Halloween poster here which came from issues of Scream. Those that I can make out include images from The Thirteenth Floor [Grim Reaper],Library of death ['At death's door','Spiders can't scream' and 'Ghost Dance'],Monster [house from isssue 6 and Zombies from issue 7], The Nightcomers [Issue 9], Cover of issue 9 [Skeleton Bride], The Dracula File and last but not least Ghastly McNasty. The cover of Eagle #238 uses images from the back cover of Scream #9. The next 4 issues of Eagle would contain free cards [2 of which are featured below] that can be used with the Halloween game poster and for another 2 games.



Loved 'Scream' comic, sold the first ten issues i had on The E bay a few years ago..Still had the free gifts with them too..

Paul said...

'Scream' was certainly one of the best British comics around at the time,such a shame it didn't continue after issue 15.Have you come across any other issues again? I guess they would be difficult to find still with their free gifts.It was just the first 2 issues wasn't it with the first being a pair of fangs and the spider in issue 2.Do you remember the TV ads?

markrdi said...

I had the full game when I was a kid but lost it when I moved house. Do you know anywhere or someone who has scanned the poster in full and all the tokens - so I can relive my childhood lol