Sunday, January 08, 2012

'Count Dracula's Deadly Secret' full page ad.



Great ad, shame its not in colour

Orcbane said...

Great find, but a bit before my time. I'm more a Wall's Dracula' kid which came after, in 1981. The red translucent lolly carved in the dark one's image!
Ad here:

Paul said...

Hi Vince
Certainly is a great ad and like you say shame its not in colour.If I ever come across one I'll certainly put the picture on.

Hi Orcbane
Yeah the Walls Dracula was fangtastic,love it that the red lolly was in the shape of Dracula.Great TV ad too,be nice to find one for Count Dracula's deadly secret too.

Chris said...

I'm not sure that there ever were any colour ads for Count Dracula's Deadly Secret lollies. They used to have ads for them in Marvel UK comics which were B&W reprints. There's an ad in mostly red here
I think that's about as much in colour as it gets!

Paul said...

Thanks Chris,I have featured this ad before which I thought was a very nice ad for the Dracula lollies.I wish there were an archive of this sort of stuff,all wrappers,packets,advertising etc.