Tuesday, November 15, 2011

'Horror Gripper free with Whoopee comic'

The times I have bought a load of British comics that I found in charity shops over the years hoping for at least one page advertising Smiths Horror Bags and being kind of disapointed that I never saw any, I know that issues of Buster and Whoopee have had adverts in them from various scans I have seen but its knowing what issues these came from. My search still continues. Anyway I mention all this because I came across a issue recently of 'Whoopee' (3rd April 1976) which is the same comic that had the free gift of a Horror Gripper from Smiths Horror Bags, I had never seen any of the Horror Grippers before and I was quite surprised how big they were, would love to come across the other 2 sometime. Also in this issue is the ad you see above, yes another Horror Bags ad,for the set of 3 Horror Grippers. Love the graphics on this one. Anyway I'll keep looking for any other different advertisements for Horror Bags and hopefully show you here.If anyone knows of any other ones then please do let us know or photos of other promotional items from the Horror Bag range, we would be most grateful.


Anonymous said...

darren here..
where did this wonderful scan come from?

Paul said...

Hi Darren
The scan was from the same issue you see in the post, I couldn't believe it when I saw it,so nice to see another ad from Horror Bags.