Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Funny horror birthday cards

There seems to be a lack of greeting cards these days that feature images from horror films/monsters, spooky stuff etc.Even Halloween the shops don't seem to stock these sort of cards anymore, well there may be some but I haven't seen any. The 4 cards you see here I bought back in the 1980's from one of the 'Gift Tree' card shops, they were only 30p each. I really like these cards with their still from a classic horror movie and funny caption, they kind of remind me of what were in issues of the American spoof magazine 'For Monsters Only'. Inside of the Phantom of the Opera card it reads "After all those teeth probably cost you plenty!", the second card featuring a still from 'The Cat and the Canary'(1920) inside says "Goodbye Sincerity", The third card featuring 'The Devil Doll'(1936) inside reads "Make love to an Elephant" and the final card with a still from the silent classic 'The Lost World'(1925) inside reads "...particularly when they remind you about your age!". The cards are 4 from a series called 'Movie Mania' I wonder what other cards were featured too.

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