Tuesday, July 06, 2010

'THE SCARE BEARS' Sticker book

Anyone remember these bears in the form of classic movie monsters like Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolfman, Quasimodo etc? Not sure of the actual names of the Scare Bears apart from Frankie Bear [See above]. The pictures you see here were kindly sent by a visitor to the Cobwebbed Room, thanks Pete. This sticker book came out during 1985/1986 and was available from 'Zodiac' toy shops, not sure if they were also avalible from newsagents as well. The stickers of which over a hundred had to be collected were available on the counter at the Zodiac toy shops for 24p a packet; also included with the Scare Bears stickers were stickers of the Zodiac bears which could be stuck in reverse side of the sticker book, the Zodiac bears were the signs of the Zodiac but apparently the artwork wasn't has good as the Scare Bears ones. I think it does now seem likely that the stickers were only available from Zodiac toy shops giving the subject matter of the other bear stickers. I think that the illustrations in the sticker album are nicely done, like the werewolf one [Wear Bear?] and the Skeleton with the bear ears. Would be nice to see what the stickers were like if anyone has any then please do let us know. I am guessing that the album and stickers may be difficult to come across if they were originally only available through 'Zodiac'

When I manage to get my scanner working I will scan some pages from another Scare Bears related item, a book called 'The Scare Bears Monster Party Book' which was published in 1988 which is nicely illustrated in colour of the Scare Bears and guest appearances of the real movie monsters [well in cartoon form]. Anyone know of any other Scare Bears Wares?

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I used to love these when I was a squirt but I could only get the stickers from the Zodiac shop in Leeds city center and the book has been lost in previous house moves I remember the ghost bear was Boo Bear and the I think the skeleton was something like Bear Bones but not sure would love to see them again but can't see it making a comeback as no one seems to know about them