Saturday, July 10, 2010


Anyone that fondly remembers the 'Dracula's Deadly Secret' Ice Lollie back in the 1970's [See my post on these] will be pleasantly surprised that they are back again but it seems only from the freezer shop 'Iceland' and 6 Lollies for £1 they are a bargain. The only difference that I can make out compared to the original Deadly Secret Ice Lollies is that the blood red gooey stuff in the middle is now only strawberry ice but everything else is the same, the black cola ice and ice-cream at the bottom and they taste very nice. The only gripes I have is that I don't think that the Dracula illustration is as good as the original and that the Lollies don't have illustrated wrappers just clear plastic. There are a couple of nice touches on the box - 'Produced in Darkest Netherlands' and 'If you have any complaints or comments then please contact the Count at Castle Belfield...' In Spain they have been making the Dracula lollies for a number of years and they come in a nice illustrated wrapper. So put in your non-sensitive fangs and get down to Iceland for a nostalgic treat.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for info about dracula lollies i got a i had a horror lolly that is very like the 1970 style got it last year from an icecream van in sittingbourne kent so on a mission now to track it down cost me 80p and was a real flash back had the red jelly middle