Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Here is another annual special this time from Valiant comic. The cover pictured above features the main charactor Sylvester [aka The Spellbinder] an alchemist from centuries ago. Sylvester is featured in most of the comicstrips in the book. Besides the comicstrips there are short stories, a monster movie quiz [see above], a feature on Dracula and his guises, weird facts from around the world told in a comicstrip type format, feature on Houdini, Chung Ling Soo, Lafayette, etc, I really like some of the atmospheric illustrations featured throughout the book, especially the one featured above by Geoff Campion, other ones by Joe Colquhoun, Eric Bradbury are equally as nice and atmospheric. I have never really seen any issues of Valiant so I am not sure if any of the characters such as The Spellbinder were one of the regular characters featured in the comic.

CS = Comicstrip
SB = Spellbinder

The Hand of Tuthoon [CS SB]
This Evil Place
The Great movie Monster Quiz
The Final Victim [CS]
The Dracula Dynasty
Creature from Nowhere [CS SB]
The Red House
It's a Weird World
The Spellbinder [Part 1] [CS SB]
Screaming Skulls
The Magic Spectacles [SB]
The Horrors of Turville Hall [CS SB]
Stranger than Fiction
The Passing of Gallantyne Gox [CS]
The Spellbinder [Part 2] [CS SB]
The Fugitive from the Future [SB]
The Terror in the Fog [CS]
The Laughter from Beyond
The Night of the Gargoyle [CS SB]
They Mystified Millions
The Man on the Road [CS]
The Spellbinder [Part 3] [CS SB]
"Of Thee She'll Sing..."
The Strange Old House by the Churchyard [CS]
Published by Fleetway


Anonymous said...

no full scan?? :(

Paul said...

What a scan of the whole book?
I would like to do a scan of the whole book sometime, its just getting round to it, but if I eventually do I shall post a link for anyone that wants to download it.

jerry said...

$10 paypal if you full scan, i will send

Anonymous said...

paul please scannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Paul said...

I will get round to doing a full scan sometime, but you have to realise that it is very time consuming and its just having the time to do it.