Wednesday, July 01, 2009


If anyone can shed any light on this book I would really appreciate it, I would especially like to know whether it was a spin off of a comic or suchlike and know if there were any other editions after No.2. I have never seen 'Ghost Special' No.1, so that would be really great to see if anyone has a copy they would like to share a few pics from it or even just some information about it would be ok too.

This slightly larger size annual 'Ghost Special' No.2 is a real mixbag of spooky content, containing comicstrips, short stories, crossword, jokes, film reviews, quiz, true stories, game, and spooky reports. The comicstrips are aimed at the younger readers especially the funny ghost strips which are similar to the ones that were featured in many Fleetway comics. The jokes are pictures with the joke underneath, film reviews cover such films as 'The Amazing Mr.Blunden', 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' etc, the true story features include The Grey Lady of St.Thomas, Borley Rectory, The Spirits of Windsor etc. All in all Ghost Special No.2 is a nicely put together book. The inside front cover has a nice illustration of a spooky carriage and horses. As regards to the date of the book I am not sure because there is no date, the only clue is one of the spooky reports is dated 1974, so I would guess 1975/76.

CS = Comicstrip

Jimmy's Genie [CS]
The Regimental Ghost
Aladdan's Wonderful Lamp
Ghost Crossword
Spoofer the Spineless Ghost [CS]
House on Moonlight Hill
Ghostly Giggles
Sammy Spook [CS]
The Amazing Mr.Blunden
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Now you see him, Now you don't
That's the Spirit
The Grey Lady of St.Thomas
Ben Macdhui - The Haunted Mountain
Some Mysterious Worlds
{Note: A comicstrip is here but seems to no title}
The spirits of Windsor
Ghostly Giggles
The spookiest House in England [Borley Rectory]
The remains of Borley Rectory
Ghostly Guardians [CS]
Witches, Wizards and warlocks
The Civilisation which became a ghostly legend...
Grubby the Greedy Ghoul [CS]
Flying Saucers - Fact or Fiction
Spooky Reports
Ghostly Giggles
Spoofer the Spineless Spook [CS]
Ghosts of the road
Grubby the Greedy Ghoul [CS]
Ghostly Giggles
The Ghost Light
Ghostly Giggles
What would you do if..?
The Ghost who returned

Published by Panda Publishing


John said...

Can't get enough of these happless motorists venturing towards some dismal old house on a stormy night!

Paul said...

Yes me too, it certainly is the classic senario. Even though we know the basics of these type of stories we are not always sure what they will encounter at the spooky old house.

Anonymous said...

I have had this book since I found it in a used book store in the early 1980's, and I love it and hope to find more as well.rim

Paul said...

I too think its a great book.Well I hope you manage to find the first Ghost Special book, if I come across it I'll certainly do a post about it.

Lord KitchenKnife said...

Got this book for my...fifth or sixth birthday back in 75/76. Still have it, minus the cover. Great to see that again! Loving yer work, fella- keep it up...

Paul said...

Glad to hear you still have the book, wish I could find the first one or even just to see a picture of it.
Thank you for your kind comments, much appreciated.

mike said...

I have Ghost Special number 1,great artwork and stories about ghosts and some ufo stuff. Got this one xmas in the mid to late 70's

Paul said...

Hi Mike
Pleased to hear that you have the first one, would love to see photos from that, Is there any chance you could email some please?

Stegron said...

Had this book as a kid - the Borley Rectory article gave me nightmares for weeks!

Great stuff, the scans bring back loads of memories, thanks! :)

Stegron said...

Actually, is there any chance of scanning the Borley Rectory article?

Thanks anyway!

Paul said...

Hi Stegron
Did you have the first 'Ghost Special' book too? Still would love to see a copy of this one.
I have scanned the Borley Rectory article for you.Hope you enjoy it again and don't have nightmares this time.

Stegron said...

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately not - and my Mum chucked this one out around 1979-ish during one of her frequent clearouts...

Thanks so much for scanning the Borley Rectory article, never thought I'd see it again! I'm afraid nightmares are a given, having read it again. Brrrrr!!!

BD said...

I have 'Ghost special'which must be the first one. I found it in a charity shop only a few weeks ago! No idea how to send you a few pics from it. :)