Saturday, June 14, 2008

'THE WITCH' - Treats Ice-Lolly

I came across this wrapper for 'The Witch' Ice-Lolly made by Treats, I have no idea though what year it came out and what other Ice-Lollies Treats made. All I know about 'The Witch' is what it says on the wrapper, Its a fruit flavored Ice Lolly and made by Treat products Ltd of Leeds and manufactured in Ireland. Anyone remember 'The Witch' ice-lolly or know what year it came out?


niki said...

I remember those; am sure they were around late 1970s, and they were loaded with E numbers!

Paul said...

Hi Niki
I am sure that the Witch Lolly came out sometime the late 80's or possibly the early 1990's, could be wrong but I think I have had the wrapper since I bought the lolly which I know wasn't during the 70's unless they were around for quite awhile.