Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This annual was published by World International Publishing in 1982, it contains short stories with illustrations, these are 'The Night Creatures', 'The Frightening tale of Jamie McGregor, and 'The Fiery Point Incidents', also the annual reprints the comic adaptations that first appeared in issues of the British horror magazine 'House of Hammer', the first is an adaptation of Hammer film's 'Dracula' a.k.a. Horror of Dracula which first appeared in issue 1 of House of Hammer, the second comic adaptation is of Hammer's 'Twins of Evil' from issue 7 . Rather than sticking to the original black and white originals, the comic adaptations half way through are printed in garish colour, not individual parts of a picture but the whole frame given it a kind of tinted look, which I think kind of spoils the flow. The annual is a slim 64 pages which also has a page about Vampire Lore, macabre miscellany, and a 2 page game called 'Dracula stalks his prey!'

As well as a picture of the cover above, the second picture shows the 1st page of the story 'The Night Creatures', 3rd is a sample picture from the story 'The Frightening tale of Jamie McGregor', next is a few frames from the Dracula comic adaptation, and finally frames from the Twins of evil adaptation.


Karswell said...

Pretty cool... we had mags like this here in the US too with art that looked basically traced from a photo still or something. Still, traced or not this was the stuff I lived for as a kid in the 70's.

Anonymous said...

World International released this stuff again in a bumper annual called TALES TO TREMBLE BY in 1984!It runs to 189 pages hardback. I've always wondered about the inclusion of the two HOH strips which were originally published by Top Sellers. Agree the colour tone doesn't work.


Paul said...

I don't think the comicstrips in this annual were traced from photos/film stills as these were drawn by excellent artists such as John Bolton. Like you say traced or not these are fantastic pieces of artwork.


Hi Ade

I almost forgotten about the Tales to Tremble book, its been awhile since I have looked at it, I do remember that it is a great book. I suppose including the two HOH strips were probally to give it more sale ability as most annuals have comicstrips in the contents.

mina said...

I loved this book I would love to reown it as the picture of draculas castle through the gatehouse is what i want painting on my bedroom wall.

Paul said...

Hi Mina
That would sure make a fantastic picture on your bedroom wall.

Deedee Davies said...

I read this cover to cover a thousand times as a kid, and it's GREAT to see all the illustrations again. :) Bizarrely enough, I knew every frame of Twins of Evil when I finally managed to find a copy about 15 years after getting the annual. I love this so much! Such a fond memory from my childhood. :)