Friday, August 10, 2007

CREEPY COMIX - 'Scream Inn'/'The Spooktacular 7'

Scream Inn is in my opinion certainly one of the most atmospheric of all the comicstrips featured in the Fleetway line. The illustrations were dark and full of creepy details, it really gave you a sense of a spooky place on a dark and stormy night. Scream Inn is to the TV series 'The Ghosts of Motley hall' that 'Hire a horror' is to TV's 'Rentaghost'. Although 'Scream Inn' remainded popular, the stories would run out of steam; so an evolution of stories and a change of title to 'The Spooktacular 7' would eventually appear in issues of 'Whoopee'. The scans here show the title panals from both titles and an example of 'Scream Inn'/'Spooktacular 7' artwork. Thanks to John.

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John said...

Brian Walker's artwork never appealed to me as a kid but it's great to be able to return to the strips and appreciate them with a fresh eye.

Apparantly he was an Art College Tutor that worked part-time for Fleetway.