Friday, August 03, 2007

CREEPY COMIX - Ken Reid art

One of the Fleetway comics main artists was Ken Reid - The artist's artist, creator of Frankie Stein, Faceache, etc.

The scans here are some of Reid's illustrations used for 'Creepy Creations', 'World wide Weirdies', etc. These series of pictures would appear for several weeks in a number of Fleetway's line of comics, the full page pictures usually appeared on the back pages.

'Wanted' comes from 'Whoopee' (15th June 1974), 'Creepy Creations' - 'Shiver and Shake' (5th January 1974), 'World wide weirdies' - 'Whoopee' (14th October 1978).

If you would like to see more of these series of illustrations please let me know.

Thanks to John for scans/info.


John said...

I would personally like to see a collected volume of them (!) - 'Coffee Table' - style in glossy pages with background info/sketches etc. It may well be a sign that Comic Art remains in the ghetto when an absolute genius has a little-known reputation beyond a core of collectors.


Max the drunken severed head said...

I never heard of Mr. Reid before (I'm in the States, so perhaps that accounts for it), but would like to see more of his stuff.

Clearly, he was heavily influenced by Basil Wolverton. At first, I thought it WAS Wolverton!

Peter Gray said...

I've put up lots of these..

I'll use the middle one for the blog if that is alright..
I'll link my site to yours...just discovered it...and saw the Jackpot scan I gave you...
Just put up some Buster covers...Buster is doing a ghost buster impression which you can use...or anything from my blog..

Hope to put up all the World Wide..Creepy..and Wanted posters up on my blog...

keep up the good work

Paul said...

Hi Peter
Thank you for the links to your site, I shall certainly have a look.
Yes i don't mind at all if you want to put the picture on your blog.
I didn't realise that you were the same Peter that let me use the jackpot cover, thank you.
If you let me know what world wide...Creepy...and Wanted posters you need, i'll see which ones I have.
Thanks for the kind comments.

Peter Gray said...

If you can help..I've put
On my blog these Creepy Creation numbers
19, 24, 28, 29, 30
43, 44, 47, 54, 64
so missing quite a few...lets collect them all together.

I'll be doing a similar blog on Wanted posters and World wide Weirdies another day...So just concentration on Creepy Creations for now...

On my blog are some horror pictures please feel free to use on your blog...

I've put up one Creepy Creation from here...thanks again

John said...

Great to see all those 'World Wide Weirdies' recently posted on Peter's blog: saves having to buy copies of Whoopee! on e-bay just to be able to revere those back pages.

Peter Gray said...

now I'm back from my holidat I'll do some more soon..glad you like them..

also up is the
Wanted posters
just use label Ken Reid.

Paul said...

Thanks Peter, would love to see some more. Have had a look at your new Wanted Posters additions and the World wide Weirdies posters, wonderful stuff, it woild certainly be nice to see them all eventually.

All the best