Saturday, August 03, 2019

'Palladium Cellars' article - 'Action' Annual 1982

First of all I am so sorry for not posting anything for ages for those that keep returning here. Just been too tired after work etc.

Sometimes it's quite surprising what you find when looking through an old annual that you don't normally bother looking through either because it doesn't Interest you or because you don't expect anything that would be suitable to your interests. Well I saw this Action annual at a carboot sale and thought I'll have a quick flick through and lo and behold I saw a nice picture of a Werewolf in an article, so I bought the annual and it wasn't until I got home an read it that I discovered it was about the Palladium Cellars; it's not often you come across anything connected with the short lived attraction.So I thought I would share it here. Hope you like it and find it Interesting.

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