Sunday, March 20, 2016

Play for Today - 'Vampires' (1979)

Wonderful TV drama about 3 kids whom after watching a Dracula film on television believe that they have seen a real Vampire in the local cemetery. Love this kind of thing reminds me when I were a kid back then. One of the highlights in 'Vampires' for me is the man who runs 'The Wizards Den' joke shop, what a great character. Hope you enjoy.


Tony K said...

Love it... what a great piece of 70s TV drama. Wonderful find and wonderful posting.

AR said...

A most enjoyable play. Note the "666" car numberplate at 12:27!

Paul said...

This is certainly a fun and entertaining TV drama. So many nice touches such as when they are watching the Dracula film on TV and the older brother freaking his younger Brother out, I love it when the older Brother is doing an impression of the Hunchback of Notre Dame looking in the chip shop window, I thought the owner of the jokeshop was funny and I like the scene of the kids running through the graveyard.