Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Smiths Horror Bags - Horrid Shivers advertisement +

Sometime ago I did a post about a coffin shaped sticker that came free with 'Whoopee' comic dated 14th August 1976. Well this is the only one of these stickers I have seen, the others were part of a set from Smiths Horror Bags called 'Horrid Shivers' of which you can see a promotional advertisement from below as well as the cover of the Whoopee issue and a photo of the actual sticker that came with the issue. Its really nice to see another Horror Bags ad, now we need photos of the actual Horrid Shivers set.

A big thank you to Irmantas at the brilliant British comics blog - Kazoop


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul really nice to have a new post - Your blog has been an excellent reference source for my collection thank you very much. I actually bought this comic off of ebay about ten days ago in the hope that the free gift was the horror bags one. As I am working abroad I wont get to see it until the summer but you have cleared that up for me. Have you considered doing something on the Pelham puppet skeleton - it is great I picked one up last year also some terrific Guinness Halloween badges. Thanks agin for the blog being away from home and all my stuff it does keep me going! Cheers Clint

Eb Neigh said...

Paul, your work, as ever, is tireless. However I am obsessed with a UK monster sweet range which my student-years-addled brain won't let me remember. These were small sherbert sweets (i think!) and had different monsters on the yellow wrapper - one being a garish swipe of Oliver Reed's 'Curse Werewolf' creature. The wrappers varied in the monsters they had. Company may have been Leaf or Barratt's... Anyone have any clues?!

Sam said...

Hi Paul

I've been trying to find some (any) info about an old Dracula toy I had in the very early 80s, you may be the only person who can help – is there any way I can mail / tweet you directly?


Paul said...

Hi Sam

You can always ask about the Dracula toy here just in case I don't know what toy it is but someone reading the comment may do.

Paul said...

Hi Clint

I am so pleased that the Cobwebbed Room has been a helpful reference guide for you.
Was the 'Whoopee' comic you bought what you was hoping for? I haven't seen the Pelham Skeleton puppet around anywhere apart from pictures, will hopefully come across one sometime, sounds great. I did used to have a Pelham Witch puppet but that got damaged.

What are the Guinness Halloween badges like?

Hope you continue enjoying the blog.
All the best

Paul said...

Hi Eb
Thank you. The sweets you mentioned sound like the Lemfizz range that are featured in an older post I did.