Saturday, February 04, 2012

'Message from Dracula' and 'Message from ghost'

Here is a couple of spooky trick cards from the 1970's, the idea was that you wind up the bat attached to an elastic band,carefully reclosing the card and when you hand it to someone they look in the card and get surprised by the wild frantic spinning bat or Ghost? in the ghost one.Nice graphics on these too.

Thanks to Steve C. and Andy N.


Chris said...

My brother had the Message from Dracula. It didn't last long as I remember, I think he over wound it.

The Black Box Club said...

I LOVE the illustrations on these. Were they drawn by the same artists who worked for the comics 'Whizzer and Chips' and 'Cor'? Love this site! Always soemthing to see and so many memories.

Paul said...

Thats the worst thing about anything that you have to wind up,it can be so easy to break because of over winding.

Paul said...

Yeah I love the Illustrations on these too.Would be interesting to foind out who did the illustrations on these,I can see why you wonder if they are from those comics.

Thanks for your kind comments.