Friday, September 30, 2011

'Crawling SPOOKIES'

I have had this Spookies insect and packaging for many many years, I have no idea what year but I would guess sometime during the 1980's. The Centipede isn't as flexible as it was originaly but it still glows in the dark. According to the packaging it says that when the spookies becomes less sticky you can wash it in warm soapy water, will have to try that.. Apart from the one you see here and the 2 pictures on the card of a skeleton hand and skeleton, I don't know if there were any other Crawling Spookies. Instructions state that you throw the Spookies against a window or other shiny surface and then the spookie will crawl down the surface. I just love what it says on the packaging - 'UNBELIEVABLE! Hold under a electric light for 15 seconds,switch off the light then throw against a wall and frighten your freinds'/Night toy for kids and adults/Must be seen to be believed. Would love to hear from you if you have any of these crawling Spookies especially any that haven't been mentioned here.


Heather McKay said...


Just wondered if I could get in contact via email about an opportunity for your blog?

I have some cool Halloween stuff which might interest you (hope so)! :)

Please do not hesitate to contact me:

Look forward to hearing from you.


Paul said...

Hi Heather
Could you please contact me at: and tell me about the Halloween stuff.
Thank you.

Dave the Chimp said...

I had the hand one! I can remember the packaging
It was squishy, wobbly rubbery stuff. Can't remember how well it worked, but it sure picked up a lot of dust and dog hairs!

Paul said...

I still have the hand one somewhere, although it isn't so soft and rubbery now. I know what you mean about them picking up dust and dog hairs ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Certainly remember having an octopus/spider GITD rubber toy that did this. Don't remember the packaging, so may not have been part of the same series (I'm in the UK). Round about 1982, perhaps.