Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'Horror Bag' stickers???

These stickers, I understand came free with a comic, not sure when or which comic. These stickers seem to me to be one of Horror Bags many promotional items, the only clue really is that some of the stickers have the titles of some of the horror bag range, those featured here are Bones, Claws, and Bats, which because of Bats being the last of the range must date these stickers from the late 70's/early 80's. Anyone know anymore about these?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog, Paul - it's brilliant, and filled with my memories too.
I had assumed (because parents told me) that I was weird for loving all this spooky monstrous glowing stuff... now I know it was a sub-culture.
Serious fangs for the memories!

Paul said...

Hi, Thank you so much for the nice comments, glad that you are enjoying The Cobwebbed Room. I know how you felt too about not just parents but others too thinking it was weird to like this sort of stuff. I find it so fasinating and I also find that many people that are not into this sort of stuff always seem to enjoy talking about it.

John M. Gilheany said...

Yet another intriguing discovery there Paul!

I'm inclined to guess at Horror Bags being the source too. Corporations are generally more inclined to market their wares to death (so to speak) these days.

Whereas with Horror Bags' spin-off products there seemed to be a real sense of innovation and fun: those who came up with the concepts really let their creative hair down and the marketing aspect was sometimes quite subtle.

Then again, I suppose that in the case of their various board games etc kids had already bought more than their usual share of crisps, to enclose x number of empty packets with their order!

Paul said...

Thanks John. Yeah I agree with Horror bag spin off merchandise that they did seem to have fun and imagination with their promotions and like with these more subtle stickers, a great idea that probally worked quite well.

Smiths must of sold an Incredible amount of Horror Bags over the years with a lot because of their promotions, which were all very imaginative and had a little more class that many mail away items in the food promotions over the years.

paul said...

Hi Paul
Paulos from DYR here. I've been to this website many many times but never realised it was run by a fellow forum member.
I had so much horror stuff as a kid!
As I've said on the forum I definitely had a set of these stickers and although I had my fair share of comics 2000ad was my only regular one, although I didn't start getting that until '82.
The one thing I did have however was once my parents bought me and my sister a whole box of horror bags from the wholesalers, could it have come with sticker???

Paul said...

Hi Paulos
Thanks for stopping by again and visiting The Cobwebbed Room.
Nice to hear that you had a lot of horror stuff as a kid, I didn't have a great deal but now I am discovering all sorts of things I never knew about since I started this blog. What kind of horror things did you have when you were a kid?
Which I knew what comic these stickers appeared in,maybe an issue will turn up on ebay sometime.
Wow a whole box of Horror Bags,lucky you. Were there an offer on the bags you had? I don't think the stickers would of come from Horror Bags themselves but I guess it could be possible, certainly don't think they were something that you had to send away for though.

Anonymous said...

Had these.
Think they were in Plug, a spin off comic from the Bash St Kids.
Great blog!

paul said...

That's it solved then, as I said before I had a set and I used to get Plug comic!