Sunday, March 06, 2011

'The Palladium Cellars' - Recent figure photos

Ever wondered what happened to the figures from the Palladium Cellars? Well I certainly did, from what I heard last about them is that some of the figures were bought by a collector and then stored away, other figures went to other similar waxwork type exhibits. Well it looks like they were bought by a private collector but not here in the UK because the photos you see here were sent to me via email, there are a photos of a number of figures but I have picked out ones relevant to the Cobwebbed Room. It was so nice to see that the figures are still around even though they are looking a little worse for wear in parts. I wonder if the animatronics on these still work? Would love to see them all up and running again and the Palladium Cellars or similiar exhibit opened again with these original figures.
The photos show an original sign from the cellars, the back of The Phantom of the Opera, and 2 of The Curse of the Werewolf figure. I wonder what happended to the other horror/monster figures such as Dracula, Dr.Frankenstein and Monster, Jekyll and Hyde etc?


The Frog Queen said...

Thanks for sharing these. Did not know about this place, but it has been fun visiting it through your blog.



Luxembourg said...

I remember the monster munch and those color changing spooking spoons in the Shreddies!and i LOVED (and still do!) =) those fiendish feet yoghurts! you seem to have a whole retro memorabilia site

Paul said...

Hi Frog Queen
The Palladium cellars isn't has well known as many of the other similar places having only been open for a few years during the 1980's, which I went myself at the time. Glad you are enjoying your visit.

Paul said...

Hi Luxembourg
I used to have all 4 of the Spooky Spoons but ended up loseing 2 of them. Would be nice to come across some of the Feindish feet. I think there is still a website devoted to them.

mark said...

Great pics. The wolfman terrified me when I went to the Palladium Cellars, there was a sensor on the floor so when you walked past him he shook the bars and growled! Fabulous blog Paul, thanks for aharing all this wonderful stuff.

Darren Millburn said...

Ah man, I used to love the Palladium Cellars - shame it was so short lived. Probably common knowledge but the figures and props from the 'space' section at the end were sold to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the Space Invader rider in 1984