Monday, December 13, 2010

'SPOOKY PUFFS' - Halloween Limited edition 2010

Made me laugh when I saw this in the supermarket around Halloween, the familiar 'Sugar Puffs' cereal getting in on the Halloween spirit by changing the name a little to 'Spooky Puffs' and adding to the normal sugar puffs cereal fruit flavour ghost shapes. I quite like the taste, they both went well together.


Propellen said...

Hahaha, that WAS funny :D
I am from Norway, and the commercials and stuff aren't that heavy over here at halloween and stuff... Guess it's because of our Norwegian careful maner... That I don't necesarrilly approve of... I'd like it to be ok to say, for example; I'm smart, or I'm talented or I can do this or this without getting booed. NOBODY seems to like confidence in our country... Most Norwegians I know get really offended by it... And, off course, there are limitations to what you can say or do, I'm not saying things should be limitless, but I'd like things to be more "English" or "American" from time to time. Guess I'll move across the atlantic someday :)

In the meantime, I'll just keep on following these really different, cool and outspoken blogs :)

X-mas greetings, spooky-schpooky ;)

Bumblebee said...

Spooky Puffs I dunno why that makes me smile lol. I love your blog it's really interesting I love horror movies.

Paul said...

Hi Propellen
I guess that most countries apart from America and the UK don't celebrate Halloween as much or if they do it is probally more traditional than America and UK. I have never been to Norway so I can't really judge what Norwegians are like, but I am sure you are a wonderful race. Not all Norwegians will have the same careful manner, there are always those that don't agree with normality as such and do things the way they want, which is great. All the best

Paul said...

Hi Bumblebee, Yeah Spooky Puffs made me laugh too. Glad you like the blog. All the best