Monday, August 16, 2010

'SCREAM' Comic advertisements

Here is the first 5 advertisements all from the 1980's comic 'Eagle' in which 'Scream' merged with soon after the last issue in 1984. Another 4 ads coming shortly.


John said...

I find the Dracula scene particularly evocative even today. It's almost as if the artwork melts away for a moment and the sheer atmosphere takes over: a powerful piece and the rest of them make me wish there could still be a copy to pick-up at the newsagents by the weekend, if only!

Paul said...

I know what you mean about the Dracula story, very atmospheric and also quite graphic;stunning artwork too, such great detail.I wonder how many issues of 'Scream'would of been published by now if it had continued since 1984? Certainly would of been great if it was still being published, or at least some more holiday specials would be nice too.

John said...

Well, I'm not best inclined to maths but thanks to Google can posit that the next edition of 2000ad (1/9/10) is #1700 and that #361 (24/3/84) was published on the same date as Scream #1 - so we'd currently await #1339 of Scream had the title survived...not that many british comics seemed to last 21 issues alas, in the best of years.

I have to wonder what direction the strips might have taken: probably Photoshop gore rather than the suggestive skill of decent inkers from days of yore.

Black & White strips are easily underated and comics from earlier decades tend to provide a masterclass in bringing a blank page alive with something so humble as a pencil, nib or brush and pot of ink.

T'is not all progress in this here digital age!