Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Here is an interesting and unusual peice of Horror Bags memorabilia, it is a A5 peice of paper of which as you can see below:one side is a short comicstrip entitled 'The Uninvited Guests' and on the reverse is an offer for a 'Horrible' Horror Bags T-shirt. The 'Scary Tale' comicstrip #2 is basically a promotion for 'Fangs' in the horror bag range, there is no date on this promotional flyer but going by the new Fangs snacks [2nd in the range] it must be round about 74/75. Love to see what the first 'Scary tale' was like and if there were also any more. The Horror Bags Dracula T-shirt offer looks wonderful, for 4 empty packs of Bones or Fangs and 69 pence you could send for this stunning and Scary T-shirt of Horror Bags token vampire going "AAARRRAGH!" Boy I would love one of these. As far as I'm aware the promotional flyer were slipped into particular comics such as Fleetway's 'Buster', 'Whoopee' etc.


Pete said...

Thanks for the latest post,I regularly check your blog as its always a pleasure to either discover something new that I didn't know about or rediscover some of my old favourites.
Have you ever covered the 'scare bears'? it was a comic strip and sticker album that you could only get in 'zodiac' toy shops around 1987/88.They were really well drawn,there was franken bear,drac bear etc.i picked up an old copy of the sticker album on ebay a few years ago, but could not find any of the stickers.I've also got the 'Comic aid' comicstrip book (it coincided with comic relief)from 1988 which has a scare bears strip in it.I can scan some stuff if you were interested. Sorry for the long post! Pete

Paul said...

Hi Pete
So pleased that you are enjoying your visit to The Cobwebbed Room. I haven't done any posts on 'Scare Bears' yet but it is certainly something I could do a post on. I know of the Scare Bears as I have a storybook I think featuring them. Didn't know about the sticker album. Any scans would be very welcome, thank you. monsterscud@yahoo.co.uk