Monday, August 03, 2009


My other post which featured horror themed Helix pencil cases, 3 of which were in the range of pencil cases known as 'Horror Bag',the vinyl coffin shaped pencil case and the plastic coffin shaped pencil case which I have added here again in this post, because this is where it should of gone being part of the Horror vampire range by Helix. Another of Helix's horror themed stationary which came out sometime during the 1980's featured a green faced vampire on the products [see above] and the word Horror and what that particular item was, here as you can see is the Horror Case [Vinyl pencil case], and the Horror exercise book which also came with ruler, pencil sharpener and rubber. The black spider was also part of the Horror range released by Helix at the same time. This plastic spider had a number of functions; the spiny back was a pencils/pens holder, the eyes a rubber, and the mouth doubled as a pencil sharpener. I don't remember if there were other products in the Horror range, but as far as I am aware these 4 were the only ones, unless anyone else knows of anything else in this Helix range.


John said...
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Pete said...

I loved the Helix Horror stationary range,thanks for posting the pics.
I badgered my mum to buy me most of the set.I remember a couple of other items in the range, which I had, one was a plastic draw string bag, I guess for PE kits/swimming towels etc,
and a bright green skull eraser that came in the Horror packaging and could be fitted on the end of a pencil.

Paul said...

Hi Pete

Glad you liked the pictures.

I never knew that you could get a plastic drawstring bag, certainly would of liked to seen or bought one of those. Did this have the Vampire image on it like what is illustrated on some of the stationary? Did you get yours from the same shop that you bought the other Helix horror range?

Thanks fro the information.

Pete said...

Hi Paul

The picture on the bag was identical to the other items, the green dracula picture and I think the words 'Horror bag'written underneath.

I expect it did come from the same place as the rest, probably either Woolworths, Smiths or Sussex Stationers as that was where we always went for 'back to skool' stationary before school started again after the summer holidays.

Paul said...

Yeh it certainly would be great to get one of these Horror Bags. I used to really enjoy shopping for stationary before going back to school. I always had to buy a few Pental pens, used to love using them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
Sorry its me again , I posted a comment on here for you some time ago about the horror bag pencil cases - but I see the extra photos you had of the 3 (wearwolf, hands dragging down wall,scary face )have been removed - unless i am just looking in the wrong place.
Wondered if you might be able to email the photos to me - still searching for these pencil cases !
Many thanks

Paul said...

Hi Sallyanne
If you go to the search box at the top of the page and put in Helix Horror you should see the post come up with those pencil cases on, I haven't removed them.

All the best in looking for them for yourself, if I do come across any of them I'll email you.