Tuesday, January 01, 2008

'WEAR-EM SCARE-EMs' - One found


I had never heard of Tudor Crisps Wear-em Scare-ems until one of my friends told me about them. He had just the one which you can see here, this one is the Naxia Sphinx. Wear-em Scare-ems are made of metal and made to look old, they have a hole at the top in which you could thread a cord through it to wear round your neck. Not really sure what others were available, my friend did mention a Werewolf which was the one he wanted, but when you sent for them you just got what ever they sent you.

If anyone knows of any others in the series or have any magazine/comic ads then we would love to see them.

Thanks to Sean


pa035 said...

Yes there was a warewolf and a scull and cross bones. I had the whole set as a kid , think there were 8 in total, one free for every three empty crisp packets you sent off. All had to be of a diferent flavour.

fantoman said...

i remember them too and had a few of them ~ my favourite was the aztec mask ~ which i kept and wore as an earring in my avante carde post punk days. i still have it and will send u a scan if u really really want.
gore laughlin

Anonymous said...

daz sez..
check out bag on Ebay and full set of scare ums


Paul said...

Thanks for the info pa035, I bet you wish you still had them don't you? One free for every 3 packets was pretty good. Was the werewolf one well detailed?

I would love to see a scan of the Aztec mask, thank you. Thats a great idea wearing it has an ear ring.

Thanks for the links Daz, I did see the medallions on ebay yesterday, the empty wrapper mustof just gone on. Great graphics on that packet. I'll have to add the pictures soon to the Cobwebbed room.