Sunday, September 30, 2007


I had this monster glow-in-the-dark sticker sent to me via email, they are not sure where they actually got it from. He said that it may have been something from 'Horror Bags' and that there were quite a few others in the set. Can anyone shed any light on this or maybe you have some yourself that you could send to The Cobbwebbed room.

Thanks to Steven for the scan.


Karswell said...

This blog is alot of fun, I've linked you to my horror blog too... keep up the fascinating posts!

Paul said...

Thanks Karswell, glad you are enjoying my blog, thanks for the link to yours, I shall list it in my links section.

comics said...

Paul.. darren here.. check DYR..we think its the special sticker "for your den" in the 21 Horrid Shivers sticker set ;)

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Anonymous said...

I had those! Been googling for ages, but only find this by accident!
They were called "Spookies"... and yes they glowed in the dark.

Would love to see them all again.

Paul said...

Thanks Darren, would love to get a set of these stickers.

Paul said...

Hi, thank you for letting us know what the stickers were called. Can you remember what the other stickers were of? Certyainly would be nice to see a photo of the full set.

Anonymous said...

As far as I remember, all the Spookies stickers were like the one you show - artist drawn, but not necessarily of any identifiable character.
They were sold from a sheet in a newsagents, maybe four by five - so many different designs (like the vinyl Space Faces).
I had two or three, and can remember what my favourite looked like, but am damned if I could describe it to you!
The glow paint was probably the whole of the paper, with thick black paint printed over to reveal the monster details.