Thursday, March 22, 2007

'HORROR BAGS' Identi-kit box cover

Front of box

Back of box with wonderful Christopher Lee

Dracula artwork

The 6 horror character cards and the 4 tombs

Well it has been awhile since I put something else on this blog, thanks for being patient. I will try and get back in to the swing of things again by showing a picture of the box artwork to the 'Horrorbags' Identi-kit game. I really love this type of artwork showing the classic monsters. I always prefer to see artwork on the covers of monster magazines [such as Famous Monsters] and also on film posters rather than photo images; photos just don't have the effect that a good peice of artwork can have.
The 6 horror character cards featured Wolfman, Skeleton, Dracula, Dracula's Bride, The Mummy, and Frankenstein. The object of the game was that you had to mix the cards up and taking a card from the pile on your go, you had to try and make up a character to win which you placed in your tomb.


Neil said...

That game looks great.Is there a better close ups of the tombs and monsters available so i can cut them out and play with my son please?

John said...

I could look at the box art for ages (and used to as a kid!) The crowd depicted in the bottom right corner seem to have a certain charm that I can't quite find the word for (!) and the cloudy castle in the distance may be cliche but works every time!

John said...

It's been a few months since I last checked out the box art. Just popped back for a pick-me-up.

andy said...

Haven't seen this artwork in well over 25 years. Scared the hell out of me as a kid.

I also remember a boxed card game called 'Frankenstein's Fingers' It came with green latex rubber fingers that you could wear, and the cards had great artwork.

Paul said...

Hi Andy
Pleased that you have now seen the Identi-Kit box artwork again after 25 years.

I have seen the Frankenstein's Fingers game a few times on ebay, been meaning to get it sometime, looks great and like you say nice artwork on the cards.

All the best

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,

I never thanked you for bringing back some great memories. Much appreciated. Love it!

Paul said...

It's a pleasure, I hope that I can come up with some other items that will bring back some great memories.